Magic and Education

Let the great debate begin! Is it necessary for a magician or for that matter any performer to get a college degree as a part of their entertainment / magic education? The short answer is no. The long answer is more involved as it is in any important decision. For me the answer was yes. … Read more Magic and Education

My Magic Journey

When a magician makes reference to “magic moments” they are usually talking about that moment in a magic routine where the audience perceives a moment of magic to happen. Something out of the ordinary has occurred. An object or person vanishes, appears or levitates for example. It occurred to me that this term could also … Read more My Magic Journey

Kids Magic, Writing the Script

THE School Assembly is a great source of shows for magicians and other entertainers across the country. For me The Magic of Safety school assembly program was very large part of my magic career. This was the show that started me down the path as a professional magician. I’ve already looked at the overall process … Read more Kids Magic, Writing the Script

Kids Magic, Constructing a Magic Show

There are many ways to approach magic. This was my magic journey. A look into the creative process when I was beginning magic. My experience with AAA became a blue print for later success. I learned the importance of thinking things through. What Do I want to accomplish? Who am I working for? What will … Read more Kids Magic, Constructing a Magic Show