Magic and Education

Let the great debate begin! Is it necessary for a magician or for that matter any performer to get a college degree as a part of their entertainment / magic education? The short answer is no. The long answer is more involved as it is in any important decision. For me the answer was yes. … Read more Magic and Education

My Magic Journey

When a magician makes reference to “magic moments” they are usually talking about that moment in a magic routine where the audience perceives a moment of magic to happen. Something out of the ordinary has occurred. An object or person vanishes, appears or levitates for example. It occurred to me that this term could also … Read more My Magic Journey

Birthday Party Ideas to Have More Fun!

Looking for birthday party ideas? I just had to share this. Last weekend I performed at 6 year old Dawson’s birthday party. His parents knocked it out of the park with some great birthday party ideas. First they chose a theme. In this case Harry Potter which with the release of Fantastic Beasts has enjoyed … Read more Birthday Party Ideas to Have More Fun!

Pics From Shrine Optars Show December 6th

Jim Taylor of the Shrine Optars just sent some fun Magic Pictures of my Instant Insanity Magic Show performed at the clubhouse of The Heritage Golf Course in Lakewood. The Optars are a group of Shriner’s that love photography. Thank you Jim for the pics and the opportunity to be a part of your Christmas … Read more Pics From Shrine Optars Show December 6th

Our New Logo!

I thought you might like to see the new logo that Connie designed for our 2017 school and library magic. Nice job Connie! Be sure to visit The Amazing Elstun’s page for more information about our school and library magic show. To book us call or text 720-939-4076 or to email Click Here Slots for … Read more Our New Logo!

Five Stars for The Amazing Elstun’s at Halloween

Here is a five star review for our Halloween School Magic Show… “Amazing Dave and Connie provided a fabulous show with jokes and tricks that mystified students from Kindergarten to 4th grade as well as the adults in the audience! They came for a Halloween show and it was perfectly themed without being spooky or … Read more Five Stars for The Amazing Elstun’s at Halloween

Where to See Fall Color in Colorado (Part 2)

In my last post I mentioned that for many years Connie and I have visited Boreas Pass for our annual drive to take in the beauty of fall in the mountains of Colorado. Boreas Pass has the advantage of being relatively close to Denver, breathtakingly spectacular and not on the crowded I-70 corridor. There is … Read more Where to See Fall Color in Colorado (Part 2)

Cool Video from Old Colorado City

Thank you Westside Community Center for sharing this video of the opening newspaper magic trick from our Strength In Numbers show in Old Colorado City near Colorado Springs. Thank you to the Old Colorado City Library for setting this show up and to all those that attended and made this show so much fun. PS … Read more Cool Video from Old Colorado City