Harry and the Wizard Birthday Party

wizard birthday party, magic show, magician
Phineas Barnaby, Catching Up on Light Reading

NEW For 2017! The Harry Potter themed Harry and the Wizard Birthday Party magic show. Starring Professor Phineas Barnaby formerly of Hogwarts and now from The Ministry of Magic, Wizard Testing Department. Imagine the fun as your boy or girl tests to become a wizard or witch. This new 45 minute magic show is available to children ages 8 and up. The new wizard receives a magic wand and all of their friends get a gold Gringotts coin and a magic trick.

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Amazing Dave Elstun display his acting skills from the moment he arrives at your party. Dave plays the part of Professor Phineas Barnaby formerly of Hogwarts and now with the Ministry of Magic. Professor Barnaby is there because he has been told that a young wizard or witch has become eligible for testing. Carrying a small table an a mysterious brown case Phineas is set up in less then 10 minutes and your young wizards or witches can even stay in the room with him.

wizard birthday party, magician, magic show
Professor Barnabys’ Brown Case, What’s Inside?

Explaining that much of  magic is illusion Professor Barnaby tears a newspaper (not The Daily Profit) to shreds. Instantly the eyes are fooled as the paper returns to it’s original condition. Wow! After money is found in places it should not be Phineas realizes there is a young apprentice in the audience, your boy or girl. He tests them with a magic trick that happens in their hand. They do not have a clue as to how the trick is done. The look on their face is great this is a good time to take a picture.

Wow! Already a Wizard.

Friends of your young wizard or witch also become a part of the fun as they assist the newly tested student of magic. As a grand finale your young wizard or witch magically produces a pot of Gringots Gold! Everyone receives a Gold Coin and a magic trick that they can learn to do.

Add to the Fun!

  • 20 minute Magic Workshop
  • 30 minutes of Balloon Twisting (about 20 Kids)
  • Both may be added at a special rate

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wizard birthday party, magic show, magician

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