Kids Magic, Writing the Script

THE School Assembly is a great source of shows for magicians and other entertainers across the country. For me The Magic of Safety school assembly program was very large part of my magic career. This was the show that started me down the path as a professional magician. I’ve already looked at the overall process … Read more

A New Era!

Great news! Last week I reported the end of an era with the official sale of The Lumber Baron. Things are much less uncertain now. The new owners of the Lumber Baron have announced that the first mystery since the sale will take place on Friday April 29th. That night Casino Murder Mysteries will open … Read more

How Do I Hire a Magician?

I try to place myself in the shoes of those who hire me. You have a special event coming up and You need entertainment. How about a magician? You head to your favorite search engine and enter magician. It is then You are confronted with thousands of choices. You refine your search and still thousands … Read more

That’s all Folks!

An era ended last weekend… and it was not an April Fools joke. Exactly 25 years after purchasing a condemned flop house Walter Keller signed the papers closing the sale of The Lumber Baron Mystery Mansion. It was in both cases April Fools Day. After originally purchasing… The Lumber Baron Walter spent 3 years restoring … Read more