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There is nothing more exciting then seeing a miracle happen right under your nose. That’s Close Up Magic! My earliest love of magic was the big stuff, grand illusions. I still love seeing a floating person disappear in mid air. But as I grew as a magician I learned to appreciate close up magic.

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Magic Monday Madness 2015

Tomorrow June 5th, 2017 you will be able to see myself and 5 other Denver magicians at The Lumber Baron Inn (aka The Lumber Baron Mystery Mansion) perform their close up magic. More on that later. First how did I get to the point where I felt comfortable performing close up magic.

Magicians attend lectures where they learn the secrets of the masters. My first lecture was Tony Slydini. It was life changing. Slydini was truly a Master Magician, a title that is overused. It was as close as anything to real magic. Over many years I began to study and learn more close-up magic. My greatest growth in this field came when I owned and operated Zeezo’s Magic Castle in Buckingham Square Shopping Center. Later I was able to develop more close-up material in the casinos where ironically I was asked mostly to do close-up magic. I say ironically because when I think of casino magic I usually think of the big stuff. After casino gambling became legal in Colorado I was soon to learn that there was demand for close up magic too. My most recent spurt of growth as a close-up magician was my time performing at The Lumber Baron.

For years I felt like Denver close-up magicians were not given the showcase they deserved. They were respected no doubt however the shows they performed in did not reflect the quality of the magic they were performing. The problem was the venue. Most of the time we rented recreation centers or used retirement homesĀ  for our shows. One time we even performed in a day care center (not Children’s Haven) where there were no adult sized chairs. I still chuckle when I think of 30 adults trying to watch magic in little chairs.

close up magic, magicians, Amazing Dave Elstun, Lumber Baron Inn
The Lumber Baron Mystery Mansion

Enter Walter Keller was the owner of the Lumber Baron Inn a beautiful Queen Anne Denver mansion. Walter is a big fan of magic. Although we had met several times it was the summer of 2009 we decided to create some events that would turn the Lumber Baron into a magic mecca. One of those events was an annual close up magic show for the Mile High Magicians Society. My partner Connie shared my passion for showcasing close up in a great location and played a huge role in getting it up and running. As President she established a close up magic show to be hosted at The Lumber Baron. It as she who came up with the title Magic Monday Madness and we were off to the races. We also decided that this needed to be a paid event just like the stage show MHMS produces every year. This would add value to the show and raise the level of audience anticipation. A bar was now available (although the show remains family friendly).

The show was huge success!

close up magic, magician, Amazing Dave Elstun
I’m ready! How about you?

The lumber Baron is now owned by Joel and Elaine Bryant and I am pleased to announce that tomorrow night the tradition continues. The title MMM is gone but the show is the same. Six quality close up magicians in one evening of magic. Myself, legendary Colorado magician Steve Aldrich, Matt Brandt, Gene Gordon, William Rader and Jeff Jenson will rotate to 3 intimate spaces where we will perform close up miracles. The rooms will be MC’d by Chad Wonder, Max Mago andĀ  Glenn Prouix. Important note this will be your last chance to see Steve before he moves to Montana.

Admission is only $10 for this 2 hour show. Tickets may be purchased at the door but I recommend buying them in advance. To do so Click Here!

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