How do I Learn Magic Part 1/Magic Lessons

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The sense of wonder magic creates!

How Did They Do That?

This is the question that has launched a lifelong passion and sometimes even a profession. These days depending on one’s age and how tech savvy they are, the place that most people start is the internet and videos. For magicians the internet has been a 2 edged sword. There are many videos that reveal how magic tricks are done. Certainly many people watch these videos just to solve curiosity. Some, however, have become captivated by what they see. This leads people to ask the question, “How do I Learn Magic?” This is the 1st of a series of 5 Blog Posts where I try to answer that question.

  1. Magic Lessons
  2. Magic Videos (There may be some surprises here)
  3. Magic Books
  4. Magic Stores, Organizations and Magazines
  5. Magic Conventions: Lectures and Dealers
The Wizard Magic Shop

When I Took Magic Lessons

One of the turning points in my life was the day I walked into The Wizard Magic Shop in Boulder, CO. You see I too was seeking an answer to the question, How do I learn magic. If you follow my blog you will know how important the Wizard Magic Shop was to me. One reason it was so important is that Sam Kent the owner would eventually encourage me to take magic lessons with Eddie Goldstein. Little did I know that this would lead to a life long friendship. Equally important, it lead me to my career. Eventually it would lead to my own magic shop called Zeezo’s Magic Castle (more on this in part 4). There I taught magic.

Eddie Goldstein on the street

I didn’t know it at the time but the handful of magic lessons that I took with Eddie taught me some of the most important lessons I would ever learn in magic. Among them timing and misdirection. Don’t be put off by these terms they sound intimidating but Eddie made them accessible and I have learned to so the same thing. Lesson 3 on my Learn Magic page contains Eddie’s lesson on misdirection.

Who Do You Learn Magic From?

Who you take lessons with is important! Obviously I am biased toward myself but there are others who are qualified. Connie Elstun my partner in business and life teaches magic at the Arvada Center for the Arts. She even labels herself as a “Magician and Entertaining Educator”. In addition to the classes she teaches she has mentored many young magicians. Chad Wonder is another good teacher, particularly in the field of stage magic. Many of his students have done very well. Chad worked in my store and eventually came to own his own store.

Of course their is also me.

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Beautiful Ms. ConnieMany of his students have done very well. And of course there is me.

My Magic Lessons

My Learn Magic page contains not only information about my lessons but 2 very easy magic tricks that help answer the question, How do I learn magic.

As it details on my Magic Lessons page I teach my lessons in 4 parts. It is important to note that I am flexible. Some people learn more quickly than others. My time at Zeezo’s and teaching magic in a private school (for 6 years) taught me how to evaluate each individual. It is not unusual for me to change the agenda according to each persons needs.

In the next blog post I will talk about books. This will not be a lecture on the importance of books (although I reserve the right to touch on it). Rather I will recommend books that you can easily find and maybe just a few that maybe more difficult to find. Don’t worry I’ll tell you where they are! Hopefully when you are done you will have an answer to the question, “How do I learn magic.”

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Magic lessons

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