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I do the all the magic, you get the Thank You’s

Kids Birthday Party, magician, birthday party magicianGreat News for 2021!

I am fully vaccinated and good to go for live, in person entertainment.

Amazing Dave Elstun is the best, most experienced children’s magician in Denver, Colorado. Learn more About Dave here.

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The Magic of Safety

The Harry Potter themed Harry and the Wizard Birthday Party magic show. Imagine the fun as your boy or girl tests to become a wizard or witch. This 40 minute magic show is available to children ages 8 and up.

Included With All Parties…

  • The guest of honor receives a magic wand
  • All party shows include everything needed to perform
  • Transportation to anywhere in Denver metro area
  • A sound system for music and voice if necessary
  • Fun, for Everyone!

Booking the Show is Easy! Here’s What You Do…

Choose one of the  3 shows listed below, scroll to the bottom of the page, use the contact form to let me know what you want.

Great News! With Parties #2 and #3 you can add a 15 minute Fun Magic Lesson for For Just $25.

Birthday Party #1

The Fun But More Affordable Kids Birthday Party

An affordable 20 minute magic show perfect for ages 6 and 7.

Kids Birthday Party Magician
She’s laughing and having fun!

What’s in the show?

  1. What’s In Your Ear?
  2. How Magic Works.
  3. Grandpa’s Nose
  4. Magic Without a Wand
  5. The Cat Toy.
  6. My Favorite Book
  7. The Magic of Silver!

Birthday Party #2

The Fun Kids Birthday

A 30 minute magic show for kids ages 6,7 and 8.

What’s in the Show?

Fair and festival entertainment
Birthday Magic Show
  1. How Magic Works.
  2. What’s in your Ear?
  3. $1 Turns into $100.
  4. Grandpa’s Nose.
  5. You Can’t Do That With Rope.
  6. The Cat Toy.
  7. My Favorite Book.
  8. The Magic of Silver!

This show ends with my hysterical balloon routine OR Escape From the Jacket of Doom Depending on the age of the kids.

Great News! With Party #2 you can add a 15 minute Fun Magic Lesson for For Just $25

Birthday Party #3

My Best Kids Birthday

A 40 minute magic show for kids 7, 8, 9 and up! Works well for teens!

Kids Birthday Party magician
Pick a Card, Amazing Dave Elstun

What’s in the show?

  1. How Magic Works.
  2. Silver Dollars Appear From Nowhere.
  3. $1 Turns into $100.
  4. Money to Burn
  5. You Are Now a Magician.
  6. Magic Without a Wand.
  7. The Cat Toy.
  8. My Favorite Book.
  9. The Magic of Silver!

Great News! With Party #3 you can Add a 15 minute Fun Magic Lesson For Just $25

The Magic Lesson works very well for kids 8 and older. Kids learn 2 magic tricks including how to put a pencil through a balloon without popping it!

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Great News! With Parties #2 and #3 you can add a 15 minute Fun Magic Lesson for For Just $25.

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Kids birthday party magician