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Fun, entertaining and educational library and school magic shows…

Assemblies, classrooms, carnivals, fund raisers, award assemblies and of course libraries!

Very Exciting… some Library and School Magic Shows are starting to happen again, and I am ready to go! I have now received fully vaccinated and good to go!

New for 2022 Fish-Tales of Magic!

That’s a whopper!

Have you ever heard someone tell you a story about the big fish they caught? Usually, these stories are an exageration. Well magicians do the same thing. Fish-Tales of Magic is Amazing Dave Elstun’s fun and entertaining journey through the history of magic. Dave tells the stories of famous magicians and the magic that made them famous, was it real or not?  The fun wraps up with the greatest showman in magic history, Harry Houdini. Known as the Man Who Walked through Walls, Amazing Dave asks the question, “Is it a Fish Tale or did it really happen?”

This fits nicely with the National Library Theme, Oceans of Possibilities.

Whatever show your library or school hires me for, I will keep your children laughing, engaged and having a great timeI provide my own sound system for music and microphone at no additional charge. Also included all tables, chairs and equipment needed to present the show. All you have to do is tell me where to set up…

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I offer Many Options for assemblies, libraries and classrooms…

Booking the show is easy!

Here ‘s how to do it, 1st select a magic show… 2nd select a Theme… 3rd contact me.

Let’s begin, select a magic show size and length…

Show #1

45 or 30 Minute Assembly Show

This is the most popular choice for school magic shows and libraries. For groups of 50 to 300 students. This show is available in 3 versions which are detailed below option #3. The magic in all 3 shows is the same, my approach changes.

What’s in the show?

  1. How Magic Works.
  2. Silver Dollars Appear From Nowhere.
  3. A One Dollar Bill Changes To $100.
  4. You Are Now a Magician.
  5. You Can’t Do That With Rope.
  6. The Cat Toy.
  7. My Favorite Book.
  8. That’s Too Many Bottles
  9. The Magic of Silver!

This show ends with my hysterical recreation of Houdini’s Escape From the Jacket of Doom.

*For younger children a shorter show that does not include the strait jacket may be more appropriate.

Show #2

45 or 35 minute classroom presentations

This a more cost effective option. Choose any of the programs listed under package #1 and I will scale it down for your class room. the content is very similar Option #1 but scaled down.

Many classes choose to add a 15-minute magic workshop for a very small additional fee.

Show #3

School Carnivals

school magic shows, childrens magic, magician, magic, library entertainment
She’s laughing and having fun!

In addition to the full length shows that many schools choose to feature at there school carnival, fundraiser, special event or awards assembly I also offer the option of short 20 minute magic shows which can be repeated on a 30-minute basis. Many schools will sell tickets and put the show in a classroom, lunchroom or library. This is a very cost-effective option as I charge by the hour instead of by the show. The result, this gives you several show at a lower cost. Also I can provide a portable sound system with music and mic.

What’s in the show?

  1. Silver Dollars Appear From Nowhere.
  2. A One Dollar Bill Changes To $100.
  3. You Are Now a Magician.
  4. You Can’t Do That With Rope.
  5. My Favorite Book.
  6. The Magic of Silver!

Next Choose the style and theme of magic show you would like…

Theme #1

Tales of Magic: Stories of the great magicians in the history of Magic featuring the magic that made them famous. Tales of Magic Is a fun entertaining presentation designed to inspire your students to learn more about magic by reading. I even recommends books found in your library.

Theme #2

Instant Insanity: School Entertainment at it’s best. Perfect for reward programs, fund raising or other special occasions.

Theme #3

Harry and the Wizard Magic Show detailed on a sperate page.

Finally, contact me using the form near the bottom of this page…

  • Highlights of my show! Watch the reaction of the child when the newspaper is restored. Priceless!

Why Choose Me?

school assembly, kids magic show, childrens magic, Amazing Dave Elstun, magician, magic
The Magic of Safety

My first assembly program, The Magic of Safety, was seen by over 200,000 children every year. Corporate sponsor AAA Colorado sent me to all corners of Colorado for 6 years. In addition I have many appearances on television. For 8 years I was the house magician at Casa Bonita and 5 years as the house magician at Elitch Gardens. I am the premiere children’s magician for schools, libraries and family entertainment in Denver and Colorado.

I am also proud of my bachelor’s degree from the prestigious University of Northern Colorado Theater Program. Having spent 6 years teaching Stagecraft at The Logan School for Creative Learning I am also an educator.


Please use the form below, include the date, time, location and nature of your special occasion.

I will respond ASAP. Thank You!

The best way to contact me the first time is to complete the form above.

You may also, Call or Text 720-939-4076

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school magic shows, childrens magic, magician, magic, library entertainment

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