Magicians Lecture

A Magicians Lecture for Magic Clubs and Conventions

Casino Magic or The Street and How I Got There!

magicians lecture, casino magic
Money to Burn

This page is just for my fellow magicians. My magicians lecture focuses on my many years of experience as a casino performer. Other Stuff includes my 20 years as a busker working in Boulder, Vail and Aspen, Colorado as well as time spent with comedy murder mysteries.

Magic I will teach includes:

  • My Marked Card Routine
  • Misdirection
  • Many magicians talk about misdirection but very few tell you how to accomplish it.
    • Strong and weak time.
    • Slydini The King
  • Okito Coin Box (Themed around silver mining for a casino show)
  • The Chocolate Kiss (bringing emotion into your act)
  • Color Monte revisited
  • A Coin Production
  • Ace gunners 4 Ace cheat
  • The Reverse Hindu Shuffle Force
  • A Confidence Game
  • In Defense of Linking Rings
magicians lecture
Magic of Winning, The Desert Diamond Casino


Part 1: Casinos Close Up!

When most of us think of casinos we think of the Las Vegas Strip and why not it is glamorous, fun and dare I say it… SEXY! I live 900 miles away from Las Vegas and yet a sizable part of my income has come from casinos.

There are 40 casinos in Colorado alone. 21 other states have some form of casino gambling and this does not include Tribal casinos.

magicians lecture
Mr. Money, The Lodge Casino
  1. How is it done?
  2. What do they want?
  3. How can you do it?

The lecture begins with my Closeup Magic Show.

The show includes:

  • The lucky Kiss
  • One to One Hundred
  • Money to Burn
  • The Marked Card
  • How to Protect Your Money
  • Returning a Kiss

Part 2: Life Performing on the Street, a Love Story!

magicians lecture
Street magic on Pearl Street Mall, Boulder, Colorado
  1. Why the street?
  2. What style of act should you do? Did you know there were different approaches?
  3. Structuring a street act.
  4. Where?
  5. Making Money!
  6. How do you apply your knowledge to other magical endeavors?
magicians lecture
Sunray Park and Casino, Farmington, New Mexico







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